digitalization meets strength training

Whereas there is a steady growing health and fitness awareness, people often are lacking in time, access, or motivation to subscribe or to make use of a fitness club or gym membership. The current need of physical distancing additionally fuels this trend. Hence, there is huge demand for convenient and efficient workout offers that ensure ideally both, namely avoiding the pains connected to conventional gym memberships but retaining some of their advantages, like joint social experience and professional coaching. 

At this point maturing technologies (IoT, connectivity, vitality apps, cloud computing, robotics / mechatronics, AI and data analytics, gaming, VR/AR) enter the game and foster the trend of digital fitness @home. Digitalization not only allows the monitoring and sharing fitness progress, but also has the potential to individual coaching and personified training stimuli.

New players are reshaping the emerging digital fitness segment with exciting content- and service-driven offers. The trends are unambiguous: a) from mechanical to electrified, b) from analog to digital & connected and c) from gym environment to home workout.  

Sparkfield is aiming to reshape strength training at home, in light commercial markets and the health sector. For this purpose, Sparkfield has elaborated the innovative product idea of Sparkfield Core - a Personified.Connected.Electrified @home strength-training machine with related services.
We use cutting-edge technologies in robotics and data analytics to enable to our customers intuitive, safe, and versatile / adaptable training schemes with individual stimuli, hence, making training more efficient and on top of that more diversified and interesting.


"inspired to create innovations & inventions for everyday life"

  • 25 years robotics & automated systems
  • 10+ innovation awards, 50+ patents
  • serial innovator & business developer 


"Make strength training a safe, efficient, & accessible experience"

  • Strength training enthusiast, 28 years of strength training
  • Competitive level masters bench presser (Gold & Silver medals)
  • 18 years in engineering & product mgmt. for electric motors